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Double Tree Elementary

PUBLIC Optional

  • Grades Served: PK – 5
  • District: Shelby County Schools
  • 429 Students
  • Methodology: Montessori
  • Theme: Technology
  • School Day: 8:15am – 3:15pm
  • Extended Care: 6am – 6pm
  • Summer Programs: Summer camp session offered through the ELOP program, and is open to all Shelby County residents regardless of address; space is limited.
  • Opened in 1977
  • Uniform Required
  • Montessori approach for children in PreK - 3rd
  • Technology emphasis for children in 4th and 5th
  • Offers Orff music, class piano, technology training, visual art, physical education, and character education
  • Three National Board Certified teachers
  • Extracurriculars: The Dolphinaires school choir, Student Council positions, Dolphin Book Club, Art Club, Class Piano, Double Tree Diggers Gardening Club, the High Steppers and Premiere Steppers majorette dance groups, DT Steppers, Class Ambassadors, Digital Dolphins student techs, the Gaynelle Reeves White Honor Society, Student Safety Patrol
  • Gifted Education: C.L.U.E. (Creative Learning in a Unique Environment)
  • Special Education: Instructional Resource, services for visually impaired students, and speech pathology services

Enrollment Info

  • This is an all-Optional school. To transfer into the Optional program, you must follow the Optional enrollment process.
  • Application Requirements: For 2017-18 Optional admittance: Submit an application for Optional Schools at the Board of Education. Provide original copy of birth certificate (for Kindergarten). Provide a copy of most recent report card (transfer applicants). Have satisfactory conduct, skills and behaviors (applicants for grades 1-5). Have satisfactory attendance, including promptness to school, with no more than 15 absences, tardies and/or early dismissals.
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  • Somewhat Diverse Economically88.8% of students are Economically Disadvantaged
  • Lacks Racial Diversity


22% 1.3% In 2019, 22% of students tested Proficient or Above
1 In 2019, the TVAAS Growth Score showed less than expected growth

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Reviews (18)

  • Fond MemoriesOther 11/07/2016
    Lorenzo Meriwether III reviewed Double Tree Dolphins —5 Stars, August 28, 2015 on Facebook: Fond memories of being at this school. I truly loved going to elementary school.
  • Great MemoriesOther 11/07/2016
    Terrell Cole reviewed Double Tree Dolphins with a 5 star March 5, 2015 on Facebook: This Is The Best School In the World. Great Memories.
  • Double Tree Values EducationOther 11/07/2016
    Calandra W. Shannon reviewed Double Tree Dolphins with 5 stars May 29, 2016 online at Facebook : I am a former Double Tree student! This school is so special to me! While I was there, I had some great teachers who truly cared about me and taught me to see the value in my education. They also taught ... More
  • Happy with this SchoolParent 11/07/2016
    Great Schools Review post online June 16, 2014: Double Tree is a wonderful place for any child to learn. Teachers go out of their way to help each child any way they can, there are numerous programs for children to participate in, and classrooms not only focus on academics, but also on community and... More
  • Exceptional schoolParent 09/30/2016
    The faculty is passionate about providing quality education and experience for the children. I am very proud of the growth I've seen my son exhibit. The principal is very receptive, professional, and values academic success. I'm grateful for such an amazing place!!! ~S. Miller
  • My teacher is nice,sweet, and smartStudent 09/29/2016
    I think others should think that Ms. Proctor is nice ,funny , and smart . I am really enjoying fifth grade.
  • 5th grade team rocks!Student 09/29/2016
    I think Double Tree is amazing and fun because the teachers and events. ~Jalen Davis
  • I love my Teachers and Staff!Student 09/29/2016
    My teachers are very supportive and the staff are very helpful. For example Ms. Robinson is The math teacher and she takes off of what she has to do to teach us when she doesn't have to. Ms.Proctor is very nice and today is her birthday so please tell her happy birthday also she is very unique. The staff... More
  • Very good school and very good teachersStudent 09/29/2016
    This is a very good school because when I came they welcome we here.The teachers are the best think of my life. Ms.Procter is my reading teacther. Laneisha Kid
  • LOVE THE SCHOOLStudent 09/29/2016
    the teachers are very nice and cool .I leaning a lot at double tree
  • I love my TeachersStudent 09/29/2016
    This school is the best school in the whole wide world because the teachers and they are amazing. keira watts
  • Great SchoolOther 09/28/2016
    “Double Tree Elementary is a great school. The faculty as well as the staff cares for the children. I was given the opportunity to display my talents inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers taught me life lessons before and after school. I miss being here and helping everyone. Double Tree will ... More
  • Loving and Caring TeachersOther 09/28/2016
    The best school in the whole wide world. But most importantly the best teachers in the whole wide world. They love and care about you forever.
  • Former Student Jaylen MaclinStudent 09/28/2016
    I am a former Double Tree Student and I learn everything from Double Tree, The Best School in the whole wide world!When I was there I had some great teachers and the Faculty was very nice. I really enjoyed myself at Double Tree.
  • Former Double Tree DollOther 09/28/2016
    Now I'm a former Double Tree Doll, and I enjoyed the school reunion this weekend! Being at the school Saturday brought back so many fond memories of some of the best times of my life; and I was PROUD to REP the C/O of '85 with my girls! Seeing our teachers and reflecting on the loving care they provided... More
  • Great School CultureTeacher/Staff 09/28/2016
    I was first employed at this school in 2005 as a teacher. This is a place with wonderful kids, supportive families and a friendly staff. I am now a part of the Administrative team and I am happy to be at a school that promotes and values learning and leadership for all, children and adults alike.
  • New to StaffTeacher/Staff 05/10/2016
    I have been teaching at Double Tree a little over a month. The staff and the parents have been very supportive. The school supports student development through a wide range of enrichment. I am happy to be at a school that values each person in the building. #scsoptionalschools
  • Learned a lot Here!Student 05/10/2016
    Double Tree is a very good school. It has a good staff. Mrs. Herring is one of the best principals. We have a great school program. I learn a lot of important things here a Double Tree Montessori & Technology School. #scsoptionalschools
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