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Kingsbury High

PUBLIC Optional

  • Grades Served: 9 – 12
  • District: Shelby County Schools
  • 1325 Students
  • Theme: Bioscience/Technology/Global Studies
  • School Day: 7:15am – 2:15pm
  • Uniform Required
  • Supported by a number of companies and organizations that provide funding, offer their expertise, and participate in joint projects resulting in the development of training programs for use in education and industry
  • Bioscience Optional Program prepares students to be pioneers of the future by studying biotechnology and medical sciences. State-of-the-art technology complements the curriculum, helping students acquire the concepts and skills necessary for success in post-secondary studies and beyond. Mentorships and internships allow students to develop further knowledge of their chosen field.
  • The Optional Program in Technology introduces students to career opportunities in the modern world of Technology. The Honors curriculum gives students a strong foundation in Mathematics, Science, and Technology to prepare them to pursue post-secondary studies and careers in the technology field.
  • For students who wish to get a head start on preparing for careers in the global marketplace, Kingsbury offers a focus on Global Studies. Students enroll in rigorous coursework taught through a global perspective.
  • Extracurriculars: Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society, Student Leadership Council, Orchestra, Piano, and Band, Debate Club, Health Organization Student Association (HOSA), Model United Nations, Robotics, Knowledge Bowl, Science Bowl, JROTC, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Cheerleading, Dance, Golf, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Tennis
  • Special Education: Functional skills class, STEP class
  • Offers 7 AP Classes

Enrollment Info

  • Students must be zoned to school or apply for transfer through Optional or General Choice Transfer Processes. See SCS Optional website for more details.
  • Application Requirements: For 2017-18 Optional attendance - applicants should have all As and Bs, with no more than one C on the most recent report card and satisfactory conduct and attendance with no more than 15 absences and/or tardies. Applicants must score at/above the 50th percentile on the total and composite Reading and Math NWEA MAP, TCAP, ACT, PSAT, or SAT. The PSAT/NMSQT is required in the 10th and 11th grades, as is On Track (Proficient) or Mastered (Advanced) progress on TCAP.
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  • Highly Diverse Economically58% of students are Economically Disadvantaged
  • Lacks Racial Diversity


7% -1.1% In 2022, 7% of students tested Proficient or Above
14.9 In 2022, the Average ACT Score for students was 14.9
71.3% In 2022, the Graduation Rate for seniors was 71.3%
1 In 2022, the TVAAS Growth Score showed less than expected growth

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Reviews (1)

  • A fun diverse place with a lot of opportunity if you're carefulTeacher/Staff 02/10/2015
    Kingsbury High is definitely a school on the rise. Here are some specific things going on at the school: New Principal: They have an exciting new principal (Dr. Ross) who has shown that he loves being involved with both students and parents. Teachers: The staff has a lot of passionate, energetic teachers who are serious about pushing students to get high scores on both the ACT and the EOC. Rest assured, this is NOT a school where teachers just hand out worksheets or problems from a work book and then sit at their desk (except for maybe a few bad teachers). Most of the teachers do their best to make their lessons engaging and interactive. Opportunities: Kingsbury has so many opportunities for anyone who is willing to try: music programs, dance/step programs, sports programs, engineering programs, computer programming and robotics programs, farming/agriculture programs, cooking programs, automotive programs, welding programs, cosmetology programs, medical field programs (future doctors and nurses), drama and theater programs, debate programs, etc. Anyone who wants to be involved, have fun, and make friends should have no trouble doing that at Kingsbury. College Prep: Kingsbury will bend over backwards to get you into college. The staff does a lot of work helping students get accepted into college, and also helping students get financial aid so that they can afford college. If a Kingsbury graduate doesn't go to college, it's only because they didn't want to. Other Students: The majority of the students at Kingsbury are positive, hard-working people who want to do well in school and life. Like any school, there will always be knuckleheads who try to bring down everyone else, and your child will have to be smart enough to stay away from them. But there are plenty of smart positive friends to be made. Community Assets: Streets Ministries is right next door to the school, and they provide tutoring and homework help, as well as a safe environment for young people to hang out after school.
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