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Leadership Preparatory Charter School

PUBLIC Charter

  • Grades Served: KG – 3
  • District: Shelby County Schools
  • 480 Students
  • 9 Students per Teacher
  • Theme: Literacy
  • Languages Offered: Spanish
  • School Day: 7:30am – 3:40pm
  • Opened in 2015
  • Uniform Required
  • Focus on developing strong literacy skills; two teachers and literacy-based computer stations in each classroom during all literacy instruction blocks
  • Provides 40 minutes daily of targeted academic interventions for students in need of additional support
  • Teaches students importance of setting ambitious goals
  • Explicitly teaches, models and requires high behavioral expectations
  • Teaches ILEAD character values (Integrity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Determination)
  • Extracurriculars: Martial Arts, Art, and Physical Education
  • Gifted Education: Targeted interventions for students in need of additional academic challenge
  • Special Education: Targeted interventions for students in need of additional academic support
  • Parent Involvement: Mandatory parent orientation, six-week progress reports, biweekly teacher phone calls home, frequent behavior updates
  • Tours: Every Wednesday - 8:00am to 10:00am- please call to set-up a tour.

Enrollment Info

  • Application Requirements: Live in Shelby County
  • Application Process Begins: 11/01/2016
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  • Highly Diverse Economically68.5% of students are Economically Disadvantaged
  • Lacks Racial Diversity


14% 6.2% In 2022, 14% of students tested Proficient or Above
5 In 2022, the TVAAS Growth Score showed more than expected growth

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Reviews (38)

  • AWESOME SCHOOLOther 02/19/2016
    Your child(ren) matter at this school. It is a great learning experience. My son has excelled and he loves it here.
  • Great School love itParent 12/17/2015
    This school is great. The teachers and everyone cares for our kids. I would recommend this school to anyone.
  • Nice schoolParent 12/17/2015
    That the teachers make sure every scholar learns every task.
  • I Love Leadership Prep. The Staff is very hands on courteous and friendly. Parent 12/17/2015
    Within months I've seen a colossal difference in my sons education. He's reading writing and learning on a very advanced level. I would definitely recommend Leadership Prepartory to any parent.
  • Wonderful school Parent 12/17/2015
    I really love the school and staff here make me wish I could've attended ...I can see the progress with my son
  • Love love love this school!!!Parent 12/17/2015
    This school is absolutely amazing. Julian has become an excellent reader and writer since attending Leadership. The staff is wonderful a always. They are always smiling and informative. The love that they have for each child is obvious. Julian wishes he could come to school on weekends. I can't wait ... More
  • Love it!Parent 12/17/2015
    This school is absolutely amazing love the teaching ethics and staff! They are really patient with the students!
  • Awesome School. Love it.Parent 12/17/2015
    The school is doing everything they can to follow their mission. Ms Allen is a very engaged principal and enjoys working towards her school excelling to the next level.
  • Great shParent 12/17/2015
    The great teachers and staff I love the school wish I could've attended myself
  • Wonderful school!!!Parent 12/17/2015
    They really teach the kids the importance of learning and my scholars is using and saying words I would've never that he knew!!!!!
  • Developing Scholars Parent 12/17/2015
    This is the BEST school thus far.....My son enjoys going to leadership prep. I love the communication I have with the teachers and staff!
  • Best school in the city of Memphis!!Parent 12/17/2015
    The staff at Leadership are dynamic and really care about our scholars. Our scholars will never be the same after attending Leadership Prep.
  • This school has been a great benefit to my grandchildParent 12/17/2015
    That the teachers are commit to their values
  • Love the school Parent 12/17/2015
    I hope that it continues to grow because my kids love it here and the atmosphere is great. We stay informed about our kids which is comforting!!
  • I like the school very much.Parent 12/17/2015
    Others should know that they teach the children's very well and the help them with there work they make sure they understand there work. They also have much attention to the kids . There's great teacher , administratively.
  • The school is greatParent 12/17/2015
    The classroom sizes are small so all the kids get the attention that is needed. Very organized and structured
  • This school is the best!Parent 12/17/2015
    It's a very structured curriculum emphasizing reading, which I absolutely love, and also the faculty is superb. I also love the fact that my son came home one day wanting to teach me the Spanish that he had learn.
  • Very Skilled TeachersParent 12/17/2015
    I think that the interaction between the teachers and the students is outstanding. This really helps foster the best learning environment that I have ever seen.
  • Excellent schoolParent 12/17/2015
    They are very attentive to the needs of the students
  • I love the school!!Parent 12/17/2015
    They are wonderful and hope other will come to see what I see everyday.
  • I love how they keep me informed about my scholar!Parent 12/16/2015
    This school is the best place for my son. He has progressed so much.
  • Disciplined and MotivatingParent 12/16/2015
    The staff is very focused and committed to ensuring every child has a chance and opportunity for a successful educational experience !
  • Great school Love the teachers Parent 12/16/2015
    Your child will grow here, while your child is here they're prepare our kids for the future
  • Great School!!!Parent 12/16/2015
    I love this school and Especially the teachers...just great vibes and amazing son has improved so much!!!!
  • Very organizedParent 12/16/2015
    The staff is very nice and with everyone who works there involved in the learning process I have seen a huge difference in my child's educational growth over all and also manners.
  • Gooooooo Leadership prep!!!!Parent 12/16/2015
    They are very hands on with each scholar. You can feel as well as see the dedication of the staff at leadership prep. My scholar is continuing to grow daily as a result of the team at leadership prep. In other words, It's an awesome school. My kid loves it.
  • Awesome schoolParent 12/16/2015
    Leadership Prep is an outstanding school academically, physically, and mentally.. My son really has increased his knowledge in his studies.
  • Awesome school Parent 12/16/2015
    The school has great teachers and the learning is daughter is always excited to go to school and to come home to show me what she has learned....I love this school
  • I love Leadership PrepParent 12/16/2015
    The teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring that all students learn, achieve, and are successful.
  • I love itParent 12/16/2015
    I love the teachers and the atmosphere of the school.
  • Nice school Parent 12/16/2015
    At first I was kinda shakey because it was a new school but I can say they do learn and they are strict in a good way
  • This school rocks!!Parent 12/16/2015
    It is an awesome school and you should bring your child here to give them an awesome start.
  • Leadership Prep is the Bomb!!!Parent 12/16/2015
    That they are high learning n high Discipline!!! Where they are n more advertisement.
  • Great Teachers and Staff!Parent 12/16/2015
    The teachers are wonderful and very knowledgeable. My son's reading has increased tremendously since being under their expertise.
  • Go leadership prep!!!Parent 12/16/2015
    This is an awesome school and my child has learned a lot her and also learn decipline. She comes home telling me big words she learned also the meanings to them as well. I really compend the staff for working so closely with her and sending home daily reports.
  • Beyond ImpressedParent 12/16/2015
    My child has only attended Leadership Prep for about a month now and I've seen a complete change in his enthusiasm to learn. He's excited about school every morning!!! The staff has great communication skills and make me feel that my child is important to them.
  • Leadership Prep is the BESTParent 12/16/2015
    Leadership Prep is the definition of an Excellent school with an Excellent staff.
  • You all go guys!!Parent 12/16/2015
    That you are great with my child and thanks a mill!!
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