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Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School

PUBLIC Charter

  • Grades Served: 5 – 8
  • District: Shelby County Schools
  • 360 Students (All Boys)
  • 28 Students per Teacher
  • Theme: College Preparatory
  • School Day: 7:30am – 3:30pm
  • Extended Care: 3:30pm – 6pm
  • Opened in 2012
  • Uniform Required
  • All 8th graders are required to apply to at least 3 high-quality charter high schools or selective public, private, or parochial schools. Dedicated Director of Student Affairs helps individual students and families navigate the application process, and families can be reimbursed for application fees and placement tests.
  • Partnership with Memphis Grizzlies Foundation's mentoring programs to pair scholars with mentors from the community.
  • n addition to 18 full-time teachers, the school employs a team of 4 full-time and 1 part-time Special Education teachers working under the Director of Student Support to deliver targeted, small-group language arts and math intervention and enrichment instruction to all students.
  • Teachers frequently call parents; administration keeps parents updated through text messages, emails, newsletters; school has open-door policy (parents welcome to sit in on classes and activities).
  • Extracurriculars: Basketball, Football, Aquatics, Lunch Buddies Mentoring, TEAM Mentoring, GrizzFit
  • Special Education: Full inclusion. Daily intensive small-group interventions; reading interventions based on Wilson Reading System; math interventions in iReady hybrid course system.
  • Parent Involvement: PTA (which elects a representative to serve as full voting member on school's governing board), fundraising, quarterly special family events, frequent parent info sessions and award ceremonies
  • Tours: To schedule a tour, contact Cortney Thomas at or 901-474-0955 x105

Enrollment Info

  • If the school receives more applications than open seats, it will conduct a lottery. Enrollment open to all rising 5-7 grade boys in Shelby County Schools' service area.
  • Application Process Begins: 10/01/2016
  • Lottery Date: 01/15/2021
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Reviews (33)

  • First Year! ........ Proud Mom! Parent 12/18/2017
    My 5th grade scholar has improved academically. He has also learned self motivation. Great school and great communication with the teachers.
  • GP is an asset to the City of Good AbodeParent 11/07/2017
    Grizzlies Prep is a young school, but they have achieved so much in a short period. The staff is engaging, high energy and truly interested in the overall well-being of their scholars. This is the inaugural year for 5th grade. With this being our first year, there has not been a shortage of adjustment... More
  • Grizzlies prep is the bestParent 10/06/2017
    My son is a 5th grader here and he loves this school everyday he tells me something new he has learned from math and every other subject. This school find ways to get through to the students to help them understand and want to learn more .I would highly recommend this school
  • Very ImpressedParent 09/11/2017
    Enrolling my child at Grizzlies Prep has been one of the best decisions I have made. Not only are they a well organized, caring, and enthusiastic staff, but my scholar has also developed a love for school in general as well as learning and reading! I highly recommend this school for young men.
  • Working outParent 09/11/2017
    Our son needs help focusing and staying organized in academics. So far Grizzlies Prep has given him great guidance. The weekly rewards for staying on track really help keep him motivated.
  • AmazingParent 09/05/2017
    I have been blown away with the enthusiasm and motivation my son has been showing since starting GP. Not only does the staff show a genuine interest and concern for each scholar but the staff has an excessive amount of knowledge pertaining to his/her area of study. I also find it helpful that teachers... More
  • Happy Mother Parent 08/21/2017
    I am so excited about Grizzlies Prep. Of course I was apprehensive at first as this is my sons 1st year here. It is an all male school and that was mostly what the apprehension was based on. Needless to say, I think it helps actually! I am most impressed with the structure and the high standards they... More
  • First Year ... Proud MomParent 08/21/2016
    At first I was very skeptical about enrolling my scholars into a new school... especially an all boys school, but when I spoke with the Principal and Admin personally ... They then assured me that I made the best decision. My sons' future;educational wise lies within the rigorous structure of GP. Can't... More
  • Caring Teachers Challenging CurriculumParent 02/02/2016
    We started this school in the 2nd semester, though there was some adjustment period for my sons and us the parents, we have now come to love the school. They make it challenging for the advanced students by assigning them challenging work or better yet they will work together with all learning levels... More
  • Structure at it's best...Parent 01/19/2016
    Coming into the school, I didn't know what to expect! I heard all the different rules and what's expected of the young men and thought to myself, "Gosh their going to push these babies to hard and a lot of them isn't going to go back. That's why the dropout rate is so high"! Well, Now I can say that... More
  • OH MY WHAT AMAZING SCHOOL!Parent 01/11/2016
    I love the school the staff and everything the this school has to offer. My son started here in the 6th grade on a 1st grade reading level. He is now an 8th grader reading almost on a 9th grade reading level. I am overjoyed about the wonderful things that Grizzlies Prep has help my son achieve.
  • So far, So good!Parent 12/13/2015
    The school is structured. The teachers deliver good news about the scholars with great enthusiasm and room for improvements with the tone of positiveness. My son reads a whole lot more than he did in the past. He asks for books as gifts now. This is his first year attending so I look forward to him ... More
  • SO AMAZED!!!!Parent 10/20/2015
    My son started off struggling the 1st quarter. I was surprised the way all of his instructors communicated expressing their concerns for my child. We all talked and came up with a plan for a better 2nd quarter. I just want to thank them all for working with me caring for my son.
    We were blessed to receive notice that there was an opening at the school. When we enrolled, EVERY teacher we passed in the hallway, acknowledged us, shook our hand, asked our names, and welcomed us to the school. The next day when dropping my son off at school, I noticed the kids standing in a single... More
    Grizzlies Prep is a school that is preparing are boys for greatness in LIFE. I am very grateful for the strict structure that my middle school son has received from this school. In the beginning I had an elementary boy that did not want to do anything, and constantly in trouble, and now I have a young... More
  • The Model for ExcellenceParent 10/07/2015
    The institutions model for challenging scholars and keeping them accountable should be studies and replicated in other educational settings. Our son has gained a confidence in both his character and intellectual ability. Historically, this was often a struggle in both public and private settings for... More
  • Greater with Grizzlies PrepParent 09/30/2015
    This is my son's 2nd year at Grizzlies Prep. He's greatly improved in math and science and has had 2 years reading growth. What I love about the teachers is that they are quick to let me know when my son is having any problems. They are also quick to screen shot a great test score or just text to tell... More
  • Great schoolParent 09/29/2015
    Grizzles prep has given my child a chance at a better future. Their curriculum is as good as a private school. My son loves attending Grizzlies Prep.
  • Great ImprovementParent 09/16/2015
    Since my son (6th) started Grizzlies Prep, he now enjoys school. ItĀ?s exciting to hear him talk about books heĀ?s reading and his academic achievements. My wife and I are moved by his progression and growth. We are grateful for Grizzlies Prep. It is a great school!
  • 2ND YEAR AND STILL PLEASED!Parent 09/15/2015
    Grizzlies Prep teaches and challenges young men to prepare them for life's obstacles. I have seen a huge change in my son, he takes ownership for his actions and is more responsible with his school work. The staff seems to care about the boys and WANT to see them excel. I am so pleased to see my son ... More
  • A BIG DIFFERENCE!!Parent 09/14/2015
    Grizzlies Prep is awesome!!! I absolutely love this school!! I noticed a BIG difference in my son after just one week! The sparkle in his eye and his love for school has now returned. The teachers, staff, and students are wonderful and very encouraging to him. He told me that he feels motivated to learn... More
  • Character ShapingParent 09/14/2015
    Grizzlies Prep promotes a positive attitude and build self confidence in each scholar. Character and integrity speaks volumes in each of the scholars. I love to see the young me dress in their uniforms, you donĀ?t see the sagging pants not the competition on who has the best athletic shoes on. The school... More
  • Preparing Future LeadersParent 09/12/2015
    Grizzlies Prep has an awesome atmosphere that promotes learning and leadership. Not only do they emphasize the importance of school work, but they also emphasize the importance of responsibility, respect and integrity. My son is maturing before my eyes. He has learned to enjoy reading and completes... More
  • Great school for Middle School boysParent 09/11/2015
    My son was falling through the cracks at the big middle school he was attending and something had to change! We visited Grizzlies Prep and were so very impressed we switched our son immediately! The smaller environment and being held accountable for his actions/homework/uniform etc. has been wonderful... More
  • Awesome Atmosphere Parent 09/11/2015
    I wanted to enroll my son in a school that challenged him and provided more structure. From the moment I attended the parent meeting I was excited for the opportunity son to attend this school. They truly take the time to get to know the students and push them all to achieve greatness!
  • Outstanding!!!Parent 09/09/2015
    My son and I both LOVE the school!!! He has changed as well. He would read, but now he enjoys reading. His reading level has increased 4 grade levels!!! The competitive nature of boys really seems to motivate them to do better. They want to reach all incentives. like going to see The Hobbit movie, wearing... More
  • LOVE GRIZZLIES PREPParent 09/09/2015
    We are so happy we have found Grizzlies Prep. Our experiences so far have been wonderful. It is so refreshing to know that your son's teachers and staff care so much about him and his education. We gladly tell everyone we know that we are a Grizzlies Prep family.
  • Grizzlies PrepParent 09/08/2015
    Grizzlies Prep is a great school!! my son and I are thankful for such an owesome school and staff!!
    Memphis Grizzlies Prep is the best school that I could've have chosen for my son to attend for middle school!!! The mission statement speaks for itself! Just in 4 weeks I can see a drastic change in my son's demeanor. Grizzlies prep prepares these young men for the future by stressing responsibility,... More
  • Absolutely love Grizzlies Prep!!Parent 09/08/2015
    To find a school full of teachers and staff that sincerely care for their (our) scholars is a wonderful feeling. My son has shown amazing growth. He has came a long way over the past year. He still has a long way to go, but with the staff at Grizzlies Prep behind him I am quite positive that he will... More
  • Great school with awesome staff!Parent 09/08/2015
    My son has been attending here for almost a month, and within this small time frame I have seen a major positive change in him.
    Grizzlies Prep delivers what they promise to make your child a scholar not just a student. The school is superb with great educators who are open and available. For boys 6-8 I would encourage all to apply.
  • AN AMAZING SCHOOL!!CARING STAFF!! Parent 03/11/2015
    Grizzlies Prep is like no other school my child has ever attended.My son is an individual,and the staff love what they do!They're happy to be there and so's my son.He's stoked about learning.He's maturing and becoming such a responsible young man.This school is a blessing,and i hope that they have a ... More
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  • Highly Diverse Economically59.7% of students are Economically Disadvantaged
  • Lacks Racial Diversity


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5 In 2023, the TVAAS Growth Score showed more than expected growth

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