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Schilling Farms Middle


  • Grades Served: 6 – 8
  • District: Collierville Schools
  • 1087 Students
  • 25 Students per Teacher
  • School Day: 8 – 3
  • Opened in 1999
  • Schilling Farms Middle School is a diverse school where approximately 57% of students identify as white, 23% identify as black, 14% identify as Asian, and 4% identify as Hispanic or Latino. 12% of the school population is identified as economically disadvantaged. SFMS' special education population represents 35.9% of the school community; 26.9% are gifted students; 9% require academic support. Beyond statistics, the school environment fosters respect.
  • The extracurricular offerings at SFMS are an integral part of school culture. The vast array of sports teams and clubs has been intentionally incorporated into the school culture to support students and their families through the tough transition middle school often represents. The goal is for students to achieve success in life beyond academics and extracurricular offerings are designed to show students their limitless options.
  • The faculty and staff at SFMS have created a professional and familial community that defies explanation. Whether the occasion is a marriage, a birth, an illness, a death, or other life-changing event, the SFMS family is there for support. The faculty is professional, passionate, and intentional about educating the children of SFMS all while creating an academic environment to meet students where they are and challenge them to be more.
  • The support given by the parents at SFMS is second-to-none! Parents intentionally partner with the SFMS faculty and staff. Whenever there is a need our parents lead the charge to help us fill the gap. The PTSA funds the annual school fundraiser, supplies volunteers for numerous events, and pampers the faculty and staff of SFMS regularly.
  • Community support is paramount for SFMS. Collierville residents, Collierville Schools superintendent, central office staff, Board of Education members, Board of Mayor and Alderman, and local businesses all positively impact and strengthen SFMS through their support. Without all of our community stakeholders, we would not be able to offer the quality of education rendered at SFMS. Educating students is a community effort, and SFMS is fortunate to have the community of Collierville in its corner.
  • Extracurriculars: Schilling Farms Middle School has over 60 extracurricular opportunities for students, which range from school-sponsored sports like basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and dance to numerous other club opportunities like soccer, golf, swimming, and softball. A large variety of before- and after-school clubs include FCA, theater, book club, Dungeons and Dragons, chess, LEGO, FLL, FTC, TCA, coding, bird watching, fantasy football, speech, step team, young filmmakers, etc. Motto: "If a student can think of it, we can find an adult to sponsor it!"
  • Gifted Education: The state of Tennessee acknowledges students who are intellectually gifted. Typically these students receive their gifted services through our language arts classes identified as APEX.
  • Special Education: Schilling Farms provides individualized opportunities to students who need curricular supports with academic, independent, and/or functional living skills. Certified special education professionals create these individualized education plans, within federal guidelines, through the IEP team process to accomplish specific goals for students who need these services. Special education is based on services, not a specific setting.
  • Parent Involvement: Parents coordinate, volunteer, and support SFMS in any and all ways imaginable, including the annual school-wide fundraiser, state-mandated testing volunteers, club/sports volunteers, community advocates, faculty support/celebration events, library volunteers, and other capacities.
  • Tours: School tours and visits typically occur on Friday mornings, and are guided by Student Ambassadors. Meeting with a school administrator is scheduled by appointment on a flexible basis.

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  • Highly Diverse Racially


77% 5.1% In 2015, 77% of students tested Proficient or Above
1 In 2015, the TVAAS Growth Score showed less than expected growth

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