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Whitney Achievement Elementary


  • Grades Served: PK – 5
  • District: Achievement School District
  • School turnaround happened in 2013
  • State Designation: Priority School
  • 234 Students
  • 20 Students per Teacher
  • School Day: 8 – 4
  • Each Wednesday is early dismissal at 2:30pm
  • School uses a curriculum centered on improving all students' ability to read--ensuring students learn how to read in kindergarten, first and second grades so that at third, fourth, and fifth grades, students can read to learn. All students are expected to read across a variety of multiple texts each day, including passages, excerpts, articles, books, novels, and more. Students read across all subject areas (reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies) and in support classes, too.
  • Parent Involvement: Parents play an important role in the success of their children. Parents can fulfill this by: 1. Attending meetings, programs, workshops, and other school activities 2. Participating in school sponsored parent-teacher conferences 3. Serving on a committee and participating in the decision-making process 4. Responding to memos, surveys, and questionnaires expressing ideas and concerns 5. Serving as a volunteer at the school 6. Ensuring that the child studies at home and completes homework assignments 7. Voicing concerns and providing feedback at regular quarterly parent meetings.

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  • Somewhat Diverse Economically84.2% of students are Economically Disadvantaged
  • Lacks Racial Diversity


7% 1.9% In 2022, 7% of students tested Proficient or Above
5 In 2022, the TVAAS Growth Score showed more than expected growth

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  • 1219 Whitney Avenue, Memphis, TN 38127

  • Frayser Neighborhood
  • This school provides transportation
  • Bus transportation provided for zoned students living outside the 1.5-mile Parental Responsibility Zone.

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  • Turnaround School Work at Its Best!Teacher/Staff 12/10/2015
    Whitney stands out in the ASD as a prime example of how a school can be successful when the culture and challenging academic standard are perfectly balanced to put the student's learning first. At Whitney they play, but they don't play and it has been seen around the world as testified in the Ellen Show spotlight. Principal Broughton and her team are doing amazing work and I am proud to have a front row seat to their success.
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